Consigning Tips

Avoiding Common Errors:
• Pin pants/shorts securely on the top part of the hanger to avoid sliding on hanger. Be sure to hook the hanger in the safety pin. Don't place pants on toddler pants hanger.

• With clothing sets, pin the bottom behind the shirt on the shoulder seam. Don't put pants/skirts under the shirt

• Don't use small gold safety pins or straight pins.

• When using a tagging gun be sure to put the needle through a seam or label on the item so you don’t make a hole.

• We strongly encourage the use of a tagging gun. Unfortunately tag switching happens. If you use a tagging gun it is less likely that this will occur.

If you prefer using safety pins put a small piece of tape on the closure of you pin after you've attached it to your item.

•All toys must have working batteries. The item will not sell if it does not appear to work.

•For items in Ziploc bags, don't put tags inside the Ziploc bags; they must be removed to be sold. Pin or tape with packing tape, the tag to the outside of the bag, so that it will scan.

•Clothing items & sheets/blankets will be inspected at drop off, if you are placing these items in a ziplock bag please do not tape the bag shut.

•Always secure loose toy pieces. When securing toy pieces in a ziplock bag. Please tape top of bag and also safety pin. This is to prevent little hands from opening bags :) Please make sure that all pieces are included!

•Mark all items, including clothing with a small piece of masking tape or a label with your consignor number. If your tag becomes separated from the item we will be able to search your inventory and print a new tag.

•For larger items and those with multiple pieces, be sure to label each item in at least two places with a small strip of masking tape or label. Write your consignor number and the item price on the tape. It will help identify the item in case the tag becomes separated from the item. Do not place more than one tag on an item …multiple tags can become confusing during check out!!

Tag Printing Tips

*Don't print too dark - it is better to print a little light than too dark. Don't print on the "High Quality" setting, print on the normal setting. This is especially true for inkjet printers. Some cardstock papers can "soak up" the ink when it is sprayed too dark, causing the edges of the barcode to be fuzzy and not scan. The edges of a barcode need to be crisp.

*Align your print cartridges - printer cartridges in inkjet printers can get out of alignment, especially when you change cartridges. This can cause the edge of the barcode not to be clean and straight. There should be a utility that came with your printer software that allows you to align the print cartridges.

*Don't use designer cardstock or photo paper - Designer cardstock that is "fiberous" can soak up ink from an inkjet and cause the edges of a barcode to be fuzzy. Use a standard dense cardstock. Avoid carstock with a "slick" surface, as it can cause ink to smudge. Use only white or light pastel colored cardstock.

*Don't "scale" the printing - when actually printing the barcodes/tags, the consignor should not adjust the scaling on the page. they should print at 100%, just like the tag is generated. If they use a "shrink to fit" option, or if they change page scaling to something other than 100% it can adjust the size of the barcode, which adjusts the "gaps" between the dark bars and can cause the barcode to be unscannable.

If you have any tips you'd like to share please email us at Thank you!


For your own sanity Please use umbrella type strollers or a baby carrier during busy times. (Thursday presale, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10am-1pm)

• Write a list of your child's measurements, and bring a tape measure with you to measure the items.

• Trace your child's foot on a sturdy piece of paper or thin cardboard to put inside shoes to see if they fit.

• No need to bring a laundry basket or bin, extra large shopping bags will be available for use while you are shopping. You are welcome to bring a granny style rolling cart.